Disaster Recovery Planning

Small companies have more at stake than large businesses because an adverse event can be extremely costly to them. According to the US National Cyber Security Alliance, 60% of small businesses fail to sustain their operations within six months after a cyber security breach. The adversaries attack them to steal information like customers’ identities, bank records, and even intellectual property.
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Small businesses are progressively utilizing information technology in business processes, but aren’t doing it securely. In essence, they do not believe adversaries will target them when there several other big, profitable organizations to attack. As a result, they neglect important measures like computer security awareness training, which leaves their firm in the cross-hairs of cyber criminals.
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HIPAA Compliance

All organizations are required to comply with the HIPAA Privacy regulations. Privacy involves safeguards from a people standpoint, but only those who store or transmit protected health information electronically are required to comply with the HIPAA Security Regulations which is meant to protect electronic data. Once you know which regulations you need to comply with, then it is just a matter of knowing what you need to do to comply.
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