From new installs to upgrades or repairs, we handle it all! Prepare your Network for the long haul.


Keep an Eye on your Office, even when you’re out of town.


Whether you operate out a storefront or a business, Audio is a key factor in keeping your Customers entertained and your employees awake.


Whether it’s one TV or a matrix of twenty, we install, mount and connect any type of TV or Digital Signage.

We Stick To Standards

We adhere to the most rigorous structured cabling methodologies and only use locally sourced premium cable. You can expect the highest level of quality and service from Modax. Our licensed and certified engineers and technicians will analyze your business needs and make targeted recommendations for network improvements that will provide the best return on investment.

Structured Cabling

Install - Upgrade - Repair

Business networks and telecommunications simply do not exist without cabling.
Cables within networks are like the veins throughout the body, they are entirely essential to survival; and just like the body, there is a certain level of examination vital to maintaining health.

Regular checkups can save you heartache in the long run

When you’re in it for the long-run and you need your network & cabling systems to perform, you want assurance that it’s in the best shape possible; Modax administers this assurance by providing structured cabling services with the care and expertise of a surgeon.
Save yourself the heartache and get a checkup before problems arise.

We fulfill all cabling needs and desires – including the ones you didn’t know you needed or desired.

We understand you want the most efficient and reliable service possible. So, we provide a thorough diagnosis in our structured cabling service, an authentic consultation that is catered to best fit your needs.
We’ve had a lot of experience running cables, so you can rely on the skills and knowledge of an expert team while you relax and reap the results! No matter your job, LARGE or SMALL, Modax can help you. Whether you need a few network cables or jacks installed in a pre-existing building, or if you have new building construction and require a formal bid to install 20+ network cables. We want to help you. Let’s work together…

Services We Provide

TV & Digital Signage

Including needs analysis and system design, with your needs at the forefront

Data cabling

Design and installation

Server Racks

Labeled, and professionally organized


Basic replacements and upgrades. .

Cable Repair

Diagnosis and repair of problems


For any incremental changes or additions to your system